Today, people have never been more connected in history.

But with an abundance of technology and an increasingly fast-paced world, it’s incredibly easy to get swept up in our everyday activities.

We can lose track of what’s truly important in our personal and professional lives.

You know the feeling: head down, buried in your work.

Gotta finish one more thing. Send one more email. Respond to one more text message.

The to-do list can seem never ending.

That’s why it’s critical to develop a practice that reminds us of what’s truly important.

Former NFL linebacker and entrepreneur Matt Mayberry believes we ALL need to sit ourselves down and as these important questions regularly.

Unfortunately, most people will never ask themselves these questions.

They’re too scared.

If you’re willing to ask yourselves these questions, you put yourself in the very small percentage of people who consciously work to improve themselves.

But it requires honesty.

So don’t worry about what you may or may not have accomplished yet. You’ve still got plenty of time.

Start now.

And ask yourself these three important questions:

1. “Where am I?”

Taking the time to ask yourself where you currently are in life is incredibly important. A huge majority of the population never even stops to analyze where they are right this moment and if that’s where they truly want to be.

Please don’t fall into that trap.

Start asking yourself on a continual basis where you currently are in life and answer that question honestly. One of the hardest things to do is to admit that you aren’t where you want to be or that you have been doing it all wrong leading up to this point.

However, do you know what’s even much harder to deal with?


2. “Where do I want to be?”

This question is all about digging deep within yourself and discovering what your true passions, goals and dreams really are.

Where do you want to be professionally? Where do you want to be financially? Where do you want to be in your personal relationships? Where do you want to be in your health journey?

3. “How am I going to get there?”

All three of these questions are vitally important to ask yourself, but this last question can exponentially change the game for you. This question also happens to be the one that most people end up never asking because it requires a whole lot of work and actually getting up and doing something after you take the time to answer it.

Everything that I have ever been able to accomplish in my life has been a direct result of constantly asking myself this particular question, writing down every possible thing I can think of, and then taking massive action to execute everything that I wrote down.

You can read more over at Entrepreneur.

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