Business: the five key departments (gears)

Business: the five key departments (gears)

Business: the five key departments (gears)

By  on March 10, 2017

By Mark Maes

Success for a business owner can be difficult to achieve. Many business owners don’t fully understand the complexity, opportunity, and responsibility that exists in business.

They didn’t envision being business owners or corporate leaders. They started off simply being good at their craft, or being passionate about the service that lead them in their particular direction in business. Being fully prepared or trained was not even on their radar. Resultantly, many business owners end up on a tread mill, working hard, long hours, day after day, never accomplishing their desired goals and dreams of success. This condition is most often related to misunderstanding of their own capabilities or simply not having mapped out the entire dream, with effective controls and measureable goals for the long range.

Business is made up of five key departments (gears). The size and type of a business doesn’t really matter; they all have 5 departments. At Maes and Associates, LLC we take it a step further and teach that business is much like a machine, which requires oil. That oil is your people, and the culture your organization breeds. The five gears/departments are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Finance & Administration
  4. Operations
  5. Brand and Company Growth Management

When leaders embrace these five departments (gears), the outcome is success and greater control of their business and its management.

The greatest asset a company can ever have, is a passionate work force or team.

When you implement the High Five Priority Business Mapping in your organization or business, you empower your vision, people, and resources, shifting the load of responsibility and performance to the positions and people you intend. This changes the culture (oil) of your business, by your specific design, from reactive management, to proactive management, and increased performance.

Imagine being in complete control of your business, accomplishing the goals and dreams of your desires. You can! We have all we need to accomplish all we desire. We simply need to identify the dots, connect them, and make the effort required. High Five Priority Business Mapping gives you the structure, processes, and methodology with which you can be specific in identifying goals and resources necessary to accomplish them per your plan, on your schedule.

People in general want to succeed. Many just don’t know how, or what their success looks like.  We don’t know what we don’t know, so, many adults stop seeking education and training exactly when it becomes most necessary. You start a business but have never been trained in all the critical factors involved. The CEO Position is the loneliest position of all. No one and nowhere to take your questions, troubles, fears, and concerns to. The buck stops with you. You don’t need to go it alone. High Five Priority Business Mapping is the way. It is the fabric of success. We are tactical and thorough in our assessments. We are strategic, detailed, and service oriented in our implementation and training. We work alongside your people, teams, and leaders, utilizing the product and its great benefits for your business, enhancing both your culture and performance. Every part of the High Five Priority Business Mapping system takes a multitude of flow, condition, and variation of business into consideration in order to align those variables with non-negotiable constants. What gets measured gets improved. Start with the end in mind. Goal. Plan. Execute. Reward Performance.

Be Deliberate! Identify and accomplish your desired goals.

If we may assist, please call on us to help. It’s what we do.

Mark Maes is the Principal at Maes and Associates. He may be reached at

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It’s The 4th Quarter… Are You Squeezing Every Drop of Copper Out of That Penny!

It’s The 4th Quarter… Are You Squeezing Every Drop of Copper Out of That Penny!

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