Start your day off to a Great start with a motivational “pep” talk from the industry’s leading Business Entrepreneur and organizational guru!

For this limited time offer the Maes and Associates team is giving ten yes 10 Lucky winners a chance to start their mornings off right! This is a once in a life time exclusive offer that your going to enjoy waking up to each and every morning.

Here is what you get: (Valued at $250)

  • 5 days FREE Motivational Morning Secessions
  • Start your day off getting to know what your “Perfect is”
  • 30 Min. phone or Zoom conversation
  • Focus Secession – help you sort thru the manusha, and stay focused on what is real
  • Cause you to start your morning being deliberate and proactive
  • Causing Accountability to be a “Fun” word
  • Most Effective part of your day
  • Creating success of your culture and way of life daily
  • Identify what needs to get done and when
  • We all know “what gets measured, gets improved”!
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Entry Rules:

Participants must go to the Raffle Entry Page and fill out our Maes & Associates Motivational Mornings Give-A-Way! Entries will have a chance to win a free 5 day, 30 min. Motivational Secession. (Date & Times are on a first come first serve basis). All Entries will be notified via phone call and email.