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We do not try to reinvent the wheel, at Maes & Associates we analyze the current infrastructure of a company to fully understand the conditions- good or bad, resources and performances. We work alongside a company’s Executives, Mid-Level Management, Teams, and Resources, while collectively empowering your people and processes. We can create the gauges and measurable’s to accomplish all goals and objectives prescribed- which creates a robust company culture and an unstoppable team of dedicated and aligned people who embrace the taste of success!We ignite your capability to increase profits, increase sales and refine efficiencies- all by way of engaging with Maes & Associates on a consultative basis with a proven operational business with the High Five Priority Business Mapping.

How We Help You Achieve More!

  • Our companies unparalleled focus and expertise’s is in helping People, any size business and business owner, improve control and harshness, improve and increase performance, efficiencies and profits.
  • The Biggest competitive advantage any company could ever have is a passionate workforce. Many times companies have all that is needed within their organization to achieve extraordinary greatness – at Maes & Associates we develop strategies and systems that empower people and resources.
  • We dive in to comprehend what owners and stockholders specific goals and objectives are to collectively identify the key action steps, resources and schedules required. We show you how to implement- sound business practices and efficient procedures that are measurable. High Five Priority Business Mapping © ™ causes companies to implement NOW what has always been on their someday list.
  • Speaker 60%
  • Educator 70%
  • Strategic Consulting 80%
  • Executive Coaching 90%
  • Business Trainer 95%
  • One-on-One Mentoring 100%

We cause companies to identify what is their perfect- Smart Goals – Plans – Execute – Accountability – Rewarding performance.                                                                                                                


Take a Look at What Some of Our Clients Had to Say...

Using the “High 5 priority Business Mapping Strategies”, with our company A. C. Builders and Consulting, the implemented changes have streamlined our processes and saved the company money. With hi s knowledge and expertise gained from years of analyzing the industry, Mark educated our staff about best practices, organizational changes and development of new strategies. He was able to help the staff understand ways to more effectively perform their daily work tasks. He actually reevaluated and made changes in the job duties and staff’s positions which significantly improved the work flow in the company.
Rick Beach

Director of Operations, AC Builders and Consultants

Maes & Associates support is unmatched. They continue to develop a relationship in which we can continue to learn how to become efficient and effective within our own organization,while asking the proper questions in developing new innovative ideas. Maes & Associates also allows us to see potential target markets; which we were not previously aware. It allowed us to develop proper projections for future growth and to maintain proper operations in our day-to-day tasks

Joshua Hays

Founder/Educational Consultant, ABC Guidance Counseling

Mark’s main concern is to see you succeed and to see your business flourish. He made himself affordable so that he can help me build my business. I highly recommend him to any small business owner or a large Organization’s Executive.If you need someone to walk along side you, while your building your dream or enterprise, Mark is the one who can keep you focused and motivated.He’s fun to be around as well.

Nazareth Rizkallah

Comedian, Comedy Crusade, Inc.